Crane Inspections

To ensure cranes in use are operating efficiently and in an effort to prevent accidents and maximize productivity, routine inspections must be completed. All cranes are required, by OSHA, to undergo annual checks (in accordance with OEM recommendations). Crane Support can perform these Annual Inspections and notify you one month prior to your annual date.

Not only can this prevent a disruption of work, but also these inspections help identify needed maintenance for continued safe and productive operation.

The certified crane inspection professionals at Crane Support serve the Gulf Coast and Southeast U.S. Our inspectors are available to travel to your site. In order to conduct an inspection, clients must provide proof of ownership or indicate whether the crane belongs to a third party. We also require annual inspections reports, wire rope (certifications) search information and any maintenance records for the equipment. 

In addition to annual inspections, we also recommend periodic inspections, such as in the event a load-bearing item was repaired or replaced, or if a crane has not been in use for several months. 

If you are unsure about your crane inspection needs, please contact Crane Support, and we can assist you in developing an inspection program tailored to your equipment.